7. July 2017 - Family!

August 28, 2017

Grow Some Ovaries is presented by the Rational Feminists - 3 women discussing everyday issues and news, and what it means to us!

It's July and it's the start of the summer holidays! The rational feminists this month turn their attention to childhood and all important holidays with the family. This episode includes a wide range of discussion including chat on the increasing amount of gendered toys, women in film and the furore over the casting of the female Doctor Who! And of course the BBC have just released figures on the gender pay gap, so we discuss the possible reasons for this and our thoughts, whilst always trying to remain rational.

If you've ever struggled drinking beer from a pint glass, bottle or can then the new beer designed for women is for you - Hatty chooses this topic as her 'Tampon or Tampoff'. The use of sex robots also make it into the discussion in our 'What If' feature. 

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6. June - Feminist Weddings!

August 28, 2017

It's June, and it's that time of year when your facebook feed is full of wedding photos! So, we thought it a good time to discuss weddings, and all things feminist in relation to them. With two of our presenters recently being engaged this topic is at the forefront of their minds, and as a group we explore our views, why we have them, and what we will be doing to give our weddings a feminist twist! This all sandwiched between our usual features discussing what's been in the news, what we should be bothered about this month, and our usual rant feature 'Tampon or Tampoff'! Enjoy!


5. May 2017 - Friendships!

July 7, 2017

It's May and we're talking friendships! Specifically experiences with female friendships and the age old question can girls be friends with guys? The answer is of course yes, but we chat about why this is even a question to be raised! Interspersed with this are our usual features such as What's in the News and Daily Mail Fail. Our Tampon Tampoff topic this week is the summer season itself, so tune in to find out why Lowri is ranting about summer! We also get chatting about implicit bias and the effect on sexism in our society - we all took the 'gender - career' test with varying results! The link to test yourself is here: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/selectatest.html. Remember you can change your implicit bias, but only if you are aware of them! If you're still feeling political after the flash general election then do also check out our election special on your podcast app.


Bonus Episode - An Election Special

May 28, 2017

The flash election is fast approaching with only a few weeks to go! The Rational Feminists got together over Easter when the election  was first announced and, with two special guests Rhiannon Smith and Eluned Smith, we look at what this election might mean for feminism, and of course women in politics. We discuss why we should be bothered that only 29% of our reperesentatives in parliament are women and we have our usual feature Tampon or Tampoff where we rate the rants of our guests  - Rhiannon on gendered clothing, and Eluned on the american primaries.


4. April 2017 - Religion!

May 14, 2017

It's April, it's Easter, and we're talking feminism and religion! We are joined by special guest Meg Chambers to help us puzzle out this topic. Expect the standard features, including a church based 'TampON or TampOFF' as well as the 'Women's Issues' section where we talk all things about the Women's Equality Party.


3. March 2017 - Babies!

May 7, 2017

It's March and we're talking babies! Special guest Dr Eluned Smith joins us for some excellent chat this month and the usual features such as 'Tampon Tampoff' and 'You Should Be Bothered'. Later release than usual due to technical issues! Women and technology........you know what they say.


Grow Some Ovaries - February 2017

March 15, 2017

There's a Podcast for That Productions presents


A selection of chats by The Rational Feminists about issues and news that we find interesting.

This month we're talking February - Valentines day and looking for love...