7. July 2017 - Family!

August 28, 2017

Grow Some Ovaries is presented by the Rational Feminists - 3 women discussing everyday issues and news, and what it means to us!

It's July and it's the start of the summer holidays! The rational feminists this month turn their attention to childhood and all important holidays with the family. This episode includes a wide range of discussion including chat on the increasing amount of gendered toys, women in film and the furore over the casting of the female Doctor Who! And of course the BBC have just released figures on the gender pay gap, so we discuss the possible reasons for this and our thoughts, whilst always trying to remain rational.

If you've ever struggled drinking beer from a pint glass, bottle or can then the new beer designed for women is for you - Hatty chooses this topic as her 'Tampon or Tampoff'. The use of sex robots also make it into the discussion in our 'What If' feature. 

This podcast is brought to you by 'There's a Podcast for That Productions', check out the other podcasts in this family such as Reel Film for film reviews, Pixel Perfect for game reviews and the Fortnightly Forum for all things chat.


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